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Iran denies israeli attack, says air defenses down drones
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According to reports from local sources, Iranian air defenses intercepted drones in the cities of Isfahan and Tabriz, with indications suggesting that the drones were launched domestically.

Amid circulating news of a supposed Israeli attack, Iranian sources labeled these claims as lies and part of a misinformation campaign. They also accused complicit US media outlets of spreading disinformation on behalf of the Israeli occupation.

Iran's Space Agency confirmed the downing of several drones over Iranian airspace but denied any missile attack on Iran. The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) reported that short-range and medium-range Iranian air defense systems successfully repelled the attack.

Earlier reports from Iran's Mehr Agency stated that air traffic was suspended in Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tehran, with air defense systems activated in Isfahan due to explosions of unknown origin. Al Mayadeen's correspondent added that air defense batteries in Isfahan responded to multiple targets, with reports indicating threats in Qahjavarestan but no ground targets being hit.

Similar activations of air defenses were reported in Tabriz, resulting in a series of explosions. However, no ground targets were affected, and the loud sounds were attributed to interceptors exploding in the sky.

Overall, the incidents underscored tensions in the region, with Iranian authorities emphasizing their ability to defend against potential threats while refuting claims of external aggression. (ILKHA)

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