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Turkish Foreign Ministry expresses concern over Middle East tensions
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The Ministry has reiterated its longstanding warnings about the potential for the genocide in Gaza to escalate and affect the wider region.

The statement highlighted a recent incident where an Israeli attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus was cited as a violation of international law, exacerbating existing tensions. "Iran's response to this attack and the ensuing events have once again shown the possibility of a rapid escalation into a regional war," the Ministry noted.

Prior to the incident, Turkish officials had engaged in diplomatic discussions with both Iranian and US authorities, advocating for moderation. Türkiye played a communicative role, conveying the mutual expectations and messages between the parties, aiming to ensure that any reactions were measured and proportionate.

The Ministry's statement continued, "Today, we are once again reaching out to Iranian officials and to Western nations that hold sway over Israel, calling for an end to the escalation. Our ongoing diplomatic efforts are focused on averting the onset of a crisis that could irreparably harm regional stability and potentially spark wider global conflicts."

In light of these developments, the Ministry confirmed that it is closely monitoring any threats to Türkiye's security, maintaining regular briefings with President Erdoğan and consulting with relevant national institutions. (ILKHA)

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