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Dozens stranded following fatal cable car accident in Türkiye
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The incident occurred when a cable car cabin collided with a broken pole, causing a pylon supporting the cable cars to collapse.

The accident, which occurred outside the resort city of Antalya late Friday afternoon, resulted in ten injuries, according to Health Minister Fahrettin Koca. One cable car in the Sarisu-Tunektepe system plummeted into a rocky area, adding to the complexity of the rescue mission.

Authorities have reported that a total of 137 passengers were rescued from 19 cable cars, but 29 individuals remained stranded by morning. The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) has deployed seven helicopters and over 500 rescuers, including specialist mountaineers, to the scene to assist in the operation.

The Justice Ministry has announced the opening of an investigation to determine the cause of the accident, highlighting the need for swift action to ascertain accountability and prevent similar incidents in the future. (ILKHA)

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