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Russian drone strike kills four in Kharkiv, cuts power for 350,000
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The attack resulted in the deaths of four people and power outages for an estimated 350,000 residents.

This incident marks a continuation of Russia's renewed focus on missile and drone attacks targeting Ukraine's energy infrastructure. The city of Kharkiv, located near the Russian border, has been heavily bombarded throughout the 25-month war.

Three rescue workers tragically lost their lives in a repeat strike on a previously hit residential block. One of the deceased firefighters was the father of another firefighter who was also responding to the blaze in a nearby building. A heartbreaking video shared by the Interior Minister showed the son mourning his father's death.

Rescue efforts continued throughout the night, with crews working to free residents trapped under rubble and secure damaged high-rise apartments. Civilian casualties included injuries to 12 people, three of whom are in critical condition. Damaged buildings included residential structures, stores, a medical facility, and cars.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the attack as "despicable and cynical" and reiterated his plea to allies for more advanced air defense systems.

The drone strikes also impacted the Zmiivska thermal power plant, further straining the Ukrainian energy grid already weakened by recent attacks. Grid operator Ukrenergo implemented moderate power supply limitations across six Ukrainian regions due to the combined effects of the latest attacks and increased electricity consumption.

Another attack, potentially the first of its kind, targeted a solar power plant in Dnipropetrovsk, causing a fire that was later extinguished. This incident highlights an apparent expansion of Russian targeting strategies to include renewable energy facilities.

Ukrainian authorities reported that an education facility, cultural center, and private residence in Dnipropetrovsk were also hit in the overnight attacks, although no casualties were reported. Russia continues to deny targeting civilians in its offensive focused on capturing eastern and southern Ukraine.

According to a statement from the Ukrainian parliament's energy committee, Russian attacks between March 22nd and 29th of this year severely damaged or destroyed at least eight power plants and multiple substations. These attacks left over 2 million citizens without electricity, heat, and water supply. Full restoration of these facilities is expected to take months. (ILKHA)

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