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Amnesty International urges swift implementation of UN resolution for ceasefire in Gaza
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The resolution also calls for the release of hostages and increased humanitarian access to Gaza.

"This resolution is long overdue," said Callamard, emphasizing the urgent need for implementation to alleviate the severe toll on civilians in Gaza. She stressed the importance of a lasting ceasefire to address the mass devastation and suffering in the region.

"Palestinians in Gaza are at risk of genocide," Callamard stated, highlighting the dire situation where thousands have been killed, children are facing starvation, and vast areas of the Strip are uninhabitable due to Israeli bombing campaigns.

The resolution must be accompanied by immediate action, including a halt to Israel's bombing campaign and the facilitation of humanitarian aid delivery. Callamard called for the release of civilian hostages and Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons.

Furthermore, Callamard urged a shift in political pressure, including a comprehensive arms embargo, to ensure a permanent end to the conflict and improve conditions in Gaza in the long term.

The recent political maneuvering at the UN Security Council has hindered progress, with veto powers blocking resolutions. Callamard called for an end to political games and urged the international community to prioritize saving lives by implementing the ceasefire resolution effectively.

Callamard also called on the United States to suspend arms transfers to Israel and leverage its alliance to secure a sustained ceasefire and humanitarian access to Gaza. (ILKHA)

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