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Ali al-Qaradaghi: Moscow attack does not represent Islam, aimed to distract from Gaza
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We strongly condemn the terrorist attack in Moscow that led to the deaths of at least 90 people and injuring hundreds of others," Qaradaghi stated.

He emphasized that the perpetrators of the attack have no connection to Islam, stating: "This terrorist operation has no connection to Islam, and even if they claim to be affiliated with Islam, they do not represent Islam, but are infiltrated by international and regional intelligence, as evidenced by reports and statements by some officials in the West and East."

Qaradaghi highlighted the timing of the attack, suggesting a possible motive related to diverting attention from the situation in Gaza, and noted: "It seems that this attack comes at a time when the people of Gaza are being exterminated to distract the world from the heinous crimes of the Zionists in Gaza, and to distract the countries supporting Gaza."

Addressing allegations related to ISIS, Qaradaghi reiterated that Islam does not condone violence against civilians. "Regarding the allegations related to ISIS, everyone must understand that Islam does not condone any kind of violence against civilians, as it is a religion of justice, mercy, and peace,” he emphasized.

The statement underscores the stance of Muslim scholars in denouncing terrorism and reaffirming the principles of justice and peace within Islam. (ILKHA)

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