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Zionist forces kill four Palestinians in West Bank
Google News'te Doğruhaber'e abone olun. 

Local sources identified the martyrs as Nidhal Abu Obeid and Iyad Kanouh.

Two other young men were also shot dead during the ongoing ZOF campaign in the camp. The Red Crescent said its ambulance crews received their bodies in the morning.

Another young man suffered shrapnel injuries in his face, the Red Crescent added.

Earlier in the evening, a large number of Israeli troops stormed Nur Shams camp, laid siege to it, and broke into and ransacked several homes.

The zionist occupation forces (ZOF) interrogated local residents during the raids on homes, while their bulldozers embarked on destroying roads and infrastructure in the camp.

Meanwhile, zionist forces with over 50 vehicles and bulldozers stormed different neighborhoods of Tulkarem City, amid drone overflights.

Local sources reported hearing heavy gunfire and explosions during the ZOF campaign in the city.

Earlier in the evening, Israeli forces carried out a brief raid in the city, during which they bulldozed the western road before storming it later in large numbers. (ILKHA)

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