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Erdoğan emphasizes unity and resilience at ceremony for March 18 Martyrs’ Day
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During his address at the ceremony, Erdoğan wished Allah’s mercy upon all the heroes that had made Çanakkale impenetrable with an unprecedented victory, and noted that they remember with respect all the commanders, Ghazi Mustafa Kemal in particular, who had the honor of leading such a gallant army.

Reminding that the fire lighted in Çanakkale was crowned with the national struggle and the proclamation of the Republic, Erdoğan stated: “And now, we will inshallah accomplish our aim to elevate our country to its rightful place in the world through the fire we have lighted with our projects and services, 2023 goals and the Century of Türkiye vision.”

Underscoring that the achievements following the Çanakkale Victory were obtained in a period during which history’s biggest hardships, sieges and betrayals had been experienced, Erdoğan went on to say: “Thanks be to Allah, today Türkiye, with its infrastructure, political and technological power and economy, has much greater means to accomplish its goals. In light of each lesson we have drawn from Çanakkale and the incidents we faced afterwards, we have the will that will enable us to walk safely towards our future. The incidents that took place after the February 6 earthquakes, which caused our 53 thousand citizens to die a martyr’s death and hundreds of thousands of buildings in our 11 cities to collapse, are the proof of this. Having removed the debris, with which even developed countries could not cope for years, in a short span of time, we have built new residential units and started to deliver them. The exemplary solidarity our nation has displayed following the disaster of the century is also praiseworthy.”

Pointing out that very important lessons have to be drawn from the Çanakkale Victory in the construction of the Century of Türkiye, Erdoğan said: “The spirit of Çanakkale, which is a proof that even the whole world cannot shake us as long as we firmly uphold our unity and solidarity, will always continue to brighten our path.” (ILKHA)

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