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Iraqi groups target Haifa port with drone
Google News'te Doğruhaber'e abone olun. 

In a statement released on Sunday, the group declared: "Our mujahideen attacked on Friday (March 1), using drones, the chemicals station in the port of Haifa in our occupied territories." The strike, according to the statement, is part of the group's ongoing operations against what it perceives as "enemy strongholds."

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq pledged to continue its assaults against Israeli targets, citing solidarity with the people of Gaza and retaliation for Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians. The group's actions underscore a broader sentiment of support for Palestinians facing violence in Gaza.

Earlier, on February 25, the Al-Nujaba Movement, an affiliate of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, reaffirmed its commitment to targeting Israeli sites in Palestine as a demonstration of support for Gazans enduring relentless attacks.

The drone attack on the Israeli chemical plant in Haifa by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq highlights the intensification of regional tensions and underscores the group's solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza amidst escalating violence. (ILKHA)

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