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Turkish Defense Ministry reports 44 PKK/YPG members neutralized in weekly briefing
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Rear Admiral Zeki Aktürk, Press and Public Relations Counsellor, presented the details, showcasing intensified efforts against "the designated terrorist organization PKK/YPG and its Syrian affiliate YPG".

The breakdown highlights the geographical scope of operations, with 144 PKK/YPG members neutralized in northern Iraq and 215 in northern Syria since the beginning of 2024. This brings the total number neutralized since January 1st to 359, showcasing Turkey's determined stance against the group.

Beyond military operations, the MoD emphasized its commitment to securing Türkiye's borders. The briefing reported the apprehension of 207 individuals attempting to cross the border illegally in the past week.

Among them, one individual was identified as a member of the PKK/KCK, further underlining the potential security risks associated with illegal border crossings.

Additionally, Turkish authorities prevented 2,495 individuals from attempting unauthorized entry, demonstrating their proactive approach to border control.

The MoD report sheds light on the cumulative impact of these ongoing operations and security measures. Since the start of 2024, Turkish authorities have apprehended a total of 893 individuals for attempting illegal border crossings, while preventing over 21,889 such attempts. These figures underscore Türkiye's unwavering commitment to safeguarding its borders and national security.

The MoD's announcement arrives amid ongoing tensions in the region. Türkiye's military operations against the PKK/YPG have been a source of contention with neighboring countries, highlighting the complex geopolitical landscape. Understanding this context is crucial for interpreting the MoD's report and its potential implications. (ILKHA)

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