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Turkey’s Presidential High Advisory Board convenes under Erdoğan’s chairmanship
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Turkish Presidency’s Director of Communications Fahrettin Altun issued a written statement regarding the roughly three-hour meeting.

According to the statement, Members of the Board discussed Turkey’s migration management and matters pertaining to foreigners residing in the country under various statuses during the meeting.

Members of the Board exchanged ideas on the current migration management regulations and practices at the meeting, which featured a presentation by Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu.

Members of the Board voiced their opinions on integration policies as well as developments that will facilitate the voluntary and safe return of Syrians to their home countries. They also evaluated the measures that would prevent political profiteering and provocation through xenophobia.

At the meeting, Erdoğan stated that Turkey does not turn its back on any oppressed or victim who has come to its borders and somehow took refuge in its lands, as it has done throughout history.

Remarking that over 500 thousand people returned to the safe zones of northern Syria that Turkey had established, Erdoğan stated that new settlements would be built in these regions with international funding to ensure the return of many more Syrians to their homeland.

At the meeting, Erdoğan said: “Our nation and state will never allow xenophobia, which has no place in our civilization, belief, culture, and values.” (ILKHA)

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