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HÜDA PAR: Reducing food assistance will worsen Yemen humanitarian situation
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“While almost the entire population of Yemen is in need of help, the reduction of food assistance will exacerbate the humanitarian crisis there. We repeat our call again and again. Everyone should take responsibility for ending armed conflicts as soon as possible in all countries experiencing civil wars, especially Yemen, and relevant organizations should take action as soon as possible to end the conflicts that threaten global peace,” Yapıcıoğlu said during a press conference in Turkey’s southern Adana province.

Last week, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) warned that it is running out of funds to continue to provide food assistance to 13 million people in Yemen.

“From January, eight million will receive a reduced food ration, while five million at immediate risk of slipping into famine conditions will remain on a full ration,” WFP said.

The reductions come at the worst possible time for families in Yemen who are dependent on WFP’s food assistance to survive. In the last three months, inadequate food consumption – one measure of hunger tracked by WFP – has risen rapidly to affect half of all families as currency devaluation and hyper-inflation drive the economy to near collapse. Food prices have more than doubled across much of Yemen this year. (ILKHA)

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