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Sheikh Ikrima Sabri: Al-Aqsa is in real danger
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Last week, the zionist regime's Knesset had issued a recommendation to the education ministry to include teachings about the so-called Jewish history during field trips to the holy Islamic site in Occupied Jerusalem's Old City in school curricula. 

Sheikh Sabri said that the zionist occupation’s move came as part of the israeli Judaization policy against the Islamic landmarks in Occupied Jerusalem.

The zionist occupation regime is working to turn Jerusalem into a pure Jewish city, he added.

We used to say that Al-Aqsa Mosque is in danger, but today it faces existential dangers.

He further considered the decision to include student field trips to al-Aqsa as "a blatant interference in the site’s affairs, and an insult on its sanctity and its courtyards." Al-Aqsa is for Muslims only, he stressed.

Sheikh Sabri declared total rejection of the decision, holding israeli authorities responsible for its implications.

He said such a decision will only give a green light to the Jewish settlers' break-ins into al-Aqsa and restrict Palestinians' presence and therefore reinforce the zionist “sovereignty” over the Mosque.

Sheikh Sabri concluded by calling for intensifying Palestinian presence in al-Aqsa Compound. (ILKHA)

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