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Turkish FM: We hope that democratic legitimacy will be swiftly reinstated in Tunisia
Google News'te Doğruhaber'e abone olun. 

“We are deeply concerned about the suspension of the Assembly which represents the will of the people, on 25 July 2021, while Republic Day was being celebrated in Tunisia,” the Ministry said.

“The preservation of the exceptional position and democratic achievements of Tunisia which constitutes an exemplary success story in the region in terms of the democratic process carried out in accordance with the expectations of the people, is of great importance for Tunisia as well as for the region.”

The Ministry said Turkey hoped that democratic legitimacy would be swiftly reinstated within the framework of the provisions of the Tunisian constitution.

“We have no doubt that the Tunisian people who have successfully passed many stages on the path to democracy, will overcome this challenge as well.”

“Turkey will continue to stand by Tunisia and brotherly Tunisian people with whom she enjoys strong historical ties,” the Ministry concluded. (ILKHA)

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