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ZOF kidnaps Palestinian, clashes with others in Beita town
Google News'te Doğruhaber'e abone olun. 

According to local sources, the ZOF stormed Karm Nimr area of the town and kidnaped a young man from his home.

Meanwhile, violent clashes broke out near Mount Sobeih, where the ZOF showered young protesters with tear gas canisters and fired rubber bullets at them.

Several young men reportedly suffered injuries during the events.

Recently, local youths from Beita town and other areas of Nablus started to organize protest events, especially at nighttime, as a form of popular resistance against the zionist occupation and its settlers, who set up an outpost on Mount Sobeih.

During the events, the young men torch tires used loudspeakers to play religious slogans, national songs, and sirens, and flash laser beams and flashlights at soldiers and settlers.

Organizers say the night rallies are aimed at creating confusion among zionist soldiers and settlers and forcing them to leave the area. (ILKHA)

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