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Palestine: Health of hunger-striking prisoner Abu Atwan at critical stage
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The Commission has warned that the health of prisoner Ghadhanfar Abu Atwan, 28, has reached a life-threatening stage as a result of his prolonged hunger strike which he staged in protest at his administrative detention.

Hasan Abd Rabo, one of the senior officials of the Commission, explained that prisoner Abu Atwan suffers from a severe fluid deficiency in his body, general weakness, fatigue, and constant headaches, warning that such health decline could harm his vital organs and lead to paralysis and disability or sudden death.

The Commission called on human rights groups to urgently intervene to save the life of prisoner Abu Atwan.

In a related context, Munif Abu Atwan, who has been serving a life prison term for 18 years, has been on hunger strike for 10 days in solidarity with his hunger striking brother, Ghadhanfar. (ILKHA)

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