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Hamas congratulates Iran on the election of its new president

“The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Palestine extends its sincere congratulations to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Ali Khamenei, and to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the leadership and people, on the occasion of the achievement and success of the presidential election process, in which the Iranian people chose Ibrahim Raisi as president of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the statement said.

“We, in the Hamas movement, congratulate His Excellency President Ibrahim Raisi for being elected by the Iranian people. We pray to Almighty to grant him success in leading the country, serving the Islamic Republic of Iran, achieving the aspirations of its people towards further development, progress, and prosperity. As we look forward to continuing and strengthening Iran’s honorable positions in Solidarity with Palestine and its just cause, and support for the steadfastness of the Palestinian people,” Hamas added. (ILKHA)

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