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Turkish charity provides medical support to Palestine

Ahmet Riza Demirer, Turkey's consul general in Jerusalem, attended the ceremony in presence of Al-Makassed Hospital Director Dr. Adnan Farhoud in Jerusalem.

During the ceremony, Ahmet Riza Demirer expressed Turkey’s support for Palestinian people over their struggle against the zionist occupation regime.

“I am very happy to be here with you for the delivery from a Turkish charity organization of a small contribution to your hospital. You are facing very difficult situations and daily challenges. As Turkey, we would like to try to ease your burdens, “Demirer said, adding: “Of course, I wish I could make more substantial contributions but this will continue periodically regularly through donations, it may be through also official channels.”

“Turkey is very much committed to solidarity with the Palestinian people during these very difficult days. And for us, for Turks, for all the Muslims in the world, it's the historical responsibility to be with you in your everyday struggles,” he added. (ILKHA)


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