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Palestinian injured after alleged stabbing incident near Gaza
Google News'te Doğruhaber'e abone olun. 

According to the Hebrew media, the zionist army and police found out following an initial investigation that the young man came from southern Gaza and was spotted by two security officers as he was walking along the road near the Sdeh Avraham settlement in the Hevel Eshkol area, and near the borders with Gaza and Egypt.

Though there have been repeated attempts by Gazan youths to cross into the occupied territories from Gaza, it is uncommon for them to make it so far into Israeli territory without being seen and detained by Israeli soldiers.

The zionist investigators claimed that the young man took out a knife and stabbed one of the security officers in the area before the other officer at the scene shot him and injured him.

However, it is not clear yet if the young man is still alive or dead after some israeli news reports claimed the young man was shot dead. (ILKHA)

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