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At least 500 houses, apartment complexes sustained total or partial destruction in Gaza

According to statistics released by the press office, over 500 houses, apartment complexes, residential buildings sustained total or partial destruction and another 1,000 housing units were moderately or slightly damaged during the ongoing Israeli aggression.

Two large apartment complexes were reduced to rubble by Israeli airstrikes. One of those destroyed buildings contained offices belonging to 12 media outlets.

The aerial attacks on Gaza also destroyed 52 government buildings, including security and service facilities.

Furthermore, seven schools, a number of primary health care clinics, the water desalination plant in northern Gaza sustained complete destruction or different levels of damage.

Warplanes also destroyed animal farms, cultivated swaths of land, wells, irrigation networks, paved roads, and different infrastructure such as electricity distribution transformers, and water and sanitation networks.

Over 50 civilian vehicles were either partially or completely destroyed in the aggression. (ILKHA)

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