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Rouhani: US should lift sanctions on Iran

Speaking on Wednesday at the cabinet meeting, Rouhani stated: “If we delay the lifting of the sanctions even for an hour, we have violated the rights of the people and the most important public right is that the sanctions must be lifted and we should all work for this goal”.

Rouhani said: “In the current situation, the tone of the new US administration has changed a little and he admits that the previous administration's actions were wrong, but no new step has been taken by the new US administration in lifting the sanctions, which is the main issue”.

Rouhani stated that the lifting of sanctions and the full implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is both easy and very difficult, adding: "If there is a serious will on the part of the parties, especially the United States, and they fulfil all their obligations and lift the sanctions, Iran will immediately fulfil its obligations”.

“This issue can be solved in a short time, but if those, specifically Zionists, who disgraced Trump in the political, domestic and international stages, become active again, it would be difficult to reach a conclusion,” he continued.

Rouhani said: “The Zionists deceived Trump and misled him, and if the current US administration admits that he made a mistake, it should declare it explicitly and compensate it as soon as possible”.

“We emphasize to the Europeans that we must maintain the JCPOA, and of course this cannot be done with speeches and slogans, and it is necessary to take practical action.”

Emphasizing that the JCPOA is one of the most important political agreements in the history of Iran, Rouhani said: “It was because of this agreement, that we could eliminate the measures that were costly for Iran, and in recent days we have shown that if we want, we can produce all products within a week”.

Rouhani added: “I have emphasized to the European leaders that today the P4+1 has a heavy responsibility and they should know that we are the ones who remained in the JCPOA during the three years of economic war, so they should stop the sanctions and enforce the law”. (ILKHA)

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