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Erdoğan: Turkey will strengthen freedoms of expression and organization in the country

Expressing his thanks to Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül and his team who he noted have been working diligently for a long time to finalize the document, Erdoğan also voiced his gratitude to all the institutions and parties who have contributed to the preparation of the Action Plan by presenting their views and criticism.

“We are determined to take necessary steps for the full implementation of the plan”

Erdoğan stated: “Almost two years ago when announcing the Judicial Reform Strategy Document to the nation from this venue, we had stated that the Strategy was the initial step for future reform. Today, we are happy to have fulfilled this responsibility and take great pleasure in presenting the Action Plan to our nation. Since change is constant in our lives, our efforts for reform must also be constant.  Our nation has witnessed the historic and significant steps we have taken in this respect since we took the responsibility to govern the country. The Action Plan which we will announce today is an indication of our unwavering resolve for change and reform. The Human Rights Action Plan is a reflection of the past and a deliberation for the future. We are determined to take necessary steps for the full implementation of the plan.”

“History shows that we rise, grow stronger and enjoy peace and prosperity as a society whenever we uphold justice,” said the President, and added: “By the same token, our country has faced decline, weakness as well as external and internal hardship whenever we diverged from the path of justice.”

Erdoğan further stressed: “Bitter experiences in our recent history have taught us that justice is the foundation of the state which is itself founded on human rights and dignity. Therefore, our compass in the cause for justice is focused on human beings and guided by human dignity and human rights.” (ILKHA)

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