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HÜDA PAR calls on Islamic countries to take action against China's persecution of Muslims

Noting that Canada and Netherlands have recognized China's persecution of Muslim Uighurs as "genocide", Sağlam said: “Uighurs who have been subjected to discrimination for years due to their religious and ethnic identities and tortured in assimilation camps, which are promoted as ‘education camps’, have been left unattended by the Islamic world.”

“China's violations of rights against Uighurs have been documented and exposed many times. However, the attitude of Islamic countries that ignore Chinese persecution for their ‘national interests’ is shameful,” Sağlam said, adding that China, which even interferes with the basic rights of Uighur Muslims such as the rights to worship freely and found a family, practices state terror against its own citizens.

“Islamic countries, which have not taken action until today due to their economic and political interests, should now take action against China and recognize China’s persecution of Muslim Uyghurs as ‘genocide’.”

“Nowhere in the world should people be subjected to discrimination, persecution, and torture because of their beliefs. Cruel governments should definitely be condemned by the world,” Sağlam concluded. (ILKHA)

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