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Sağlam: The voice of humanity should be louder against the United States

In his weekly statement on foreign agenda, Sağlam also touched on the coup attempt in Tunisia, Libyan civil war, Dr.Aafia Siddiqui, who is a Pakistani neuroscientist imprisoned in the US, and the normalization steps with zionist occupation regime by some gulf countries.

Referring to the protests organized for George Floyd, a black man killed in the United States, Hüda PAR Chairman Ishak Sagittarius said: “The voice of humanity and the world against the United States should be louder.

The alleged coup attempt in Tunisia and Libyan civil war

Speaking about the alleged coup attempt in Tunisia, Sağlam said: “Tunisia has managed to maintain its political and social stability since the overthrow of Zeynel Abidin b. Ali in 2011. At the heart of recent attempts to intervene in the will of the people is the UAE's policy on Libya. The UAE wants to remove the Tunisian government, an ally of the Libyan Government of National Accord, from administration in order to exploit natural resources and consolidate its military and political dominance in Libya. The UAE media is engaged in intense propaganda in order to foment popular unrest. The Tunisian government must avoid turmoil and ensure stability is maintained by taking into account the demands of the civilian population. The Tunisian administration should avoid turmoil and ensure the stability, taking into account the demands of the civilian population.”

Noting that the Libyan civil war is directed by the interests of international powers Libya, Sağlam stated: “The Libyan civil war, which has been ongoing since 2011 and poses also a threat to the political stability of neighboring countries, is directed in the interests of international powers. In order to end the chaos in the country, which became the second proxy war field after Syria, mercenaries should be removed immediately from the country and arms shipments to the country, which continue despite the embargo, should be prevented.”

“Freedom for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and police brutality in the USA!”

Calling the international human rights organizations for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, who has been in the U.S. dungeons for 17 years, Sağlam said: “Because of her religious identity and scientific studies, she has been in the dungeons of the United States, the prime rogue state on the world, for 17 years. Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is not released despite public reaction. It is regrettable that while there have been calls for the release of detainees throughout the world during the fight against coronavirus pandemic, a strong call has not been made by Islamic countries for Aafia Siddiqui. The fact that deaths due to coronavirus pandemic have started in the prison where she is being held causes concern about Siddiqi's health. For Siddiki, whose family says that her dignity and security could not be ensured by the US authorities, all Islamic countries and international human rights organizations, especially the Pakistani authorities, need to take action. The United States, which propagates human rights and freedom to the world, it was once again revealed that it was responsible for the most severe rights violations due to his persecution of Siddiqi.”

Touching on the death of George Floyd who were killed by a police officer in the United States, Sağlam said:” The United States, which has killed millions of people in many parts of the world, continues to slaughter black people who are its own citizens. Blacks are particularly targeted in the US, where police shot and killed over 1,000 people in 2019. The lack of reform in security policy despite the massacres of the law enforcement forces against blacks reveals that racist policies were supported by the US administration. The voice of humanity and the world should be louder against the United States, which embraces the acts of barbarism and massacres.”

“The steps of normalization with the zionist occupation regime must be stopped!”

Speaking on the normalization steps with Zionist occupation regime, Sağlam said:” The occupation activities and massacres of the Zionist occupation regime has increased after the announcement of the century's treason deal, which aims to de-identify Palestinian people and to usurp Palestinian lands. Islamic countries and international institutions remain silent in the face of the steps of the zionist occupation regime, which defines its inhuman activities as a historical step. Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have collaborated with the zionist occupation regime for the implementation of the century's betrayal deal. Some Islamic countries, which have strengthened their economic and political cooperation under the name of the normalization steps with the zionist occupation regime, are also the economic sponsors of the century’s betrayal deal.”

Calling on Islamic countries to stop the normalization steps with the zionist occupation regime, Sağlam concluded as follows: “Islamic countries must stop the steps of normalization with the Zionist terror regime, which causes instability throughout the region, and unite again around the Jerusalem case, the common problem of Muslims. Turkey should never enter a process of normalization with the occupation regime on the grounds of its eastern Mediterranean policy. Regardless of its economic and political benefits, Turkey should not sign Exclusive Economic Zone agreements with the occupation regime in the Eastern Mediterranean. In no way can Turkey explain such agreements to the Islamic World. Such agreements would mean ending the cause of Jerusalem and Palestine. Islamic countries should not cooperate with the occupation regime under any circumstances and should act together to stop the occupation regime.” (ILKHA)

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