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Hamas: Our aim is to liberate our country from occupation

"Our Path is one and heading Palestine. Our aim is to liberate our country from occupation and return to our country," Salah said in a statement.

Pointing out that the occupation regime is the head of all evil in the region, Salah stated that the American project targeted to reorganize the region from the zionists' view.

Noting that they are in clash with the occupiers every day, Salah said their project is to liberate Palestine and they defend the Ummah.

He noted that the liberation of Palestine from the occupation may only be possible through resistance and opposition to the zionist project.

Underlining that the so-called "deal of the century" targeted the right of return of Palestinian refugees, and Jerusalem, Salah said: "Palestinian refugees who have been forced out of their homes have the right to resist and return home."

The Hamas official called on the Islamic Ummah to support the Palestinian cause, warned that the Palestinian issue not to be drawn into internal strife.

Salah also criticized the Lebanese Labor Ministry's decision on Palestinian refugees, saying that refugees who were forced out 70 years ago could not be treated as foreign workers. (ILKHA)

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