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Bid farewell to Mehmet Yavuz

Mehmet Yavuz, Vice President of HUDA PAR, who has been receiving treatment for kidney cancer he caught since 2017, passed away at midnight in the Oncology Hospital of Dicle University, where he was being treated.

Yavuz's funeral was taken from the Oncology Hospital of Dicle University and was brought to the Kahta District of Adıyaman accompanied by a convoy of hundreds of vehicles.

Following the funeral prayers at the Central Celaleddin Mosque after Friday prayers, he was buried amid tears by his loved ones at the Yeni Neighborhood Family Cemetery.

Speaking during the funeral, the editor-in-chief of the daily Doğruhaber Newspaper, Mehmet Göktaş, emphasized that Mehmet Yavuz was a rare human being and narrated important sections from his life.

ITTIHAD Al-ULEMA leader Mullah Enver Kılıçarslan, who later delivered a speech in Kurdish, pointed out that Mehmet Yavuz passed away on this blessed day [Friday] and recalled the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu Alayhi Vesselem) that "no questions are asked in the grave," for those passing away on Friday.

After speeches and prayers, those who attended to the funeral headed to the condolence house of Central Celaleddin Mosque and conveyed their condolences.

The funeral prayers of Yavuz were attended by HUDA PAR President Ishak Sağlam, acting president Zekeriya Yapicioğlu, deputy chairman Hüseyin Yılmaz, Hamdullah Tasalı, Abdurrahman Cens, Hasan Şahin, HUDA PAR's general executive board members, HUDA PAR Adıyaman province Chairman Mustafa Yetiş, AK Party's former deputies Ahmet Aydın, Yakup Taş and Mehmet Fatih Toprak, Saadet Party Adıyaman province chairman Hashim Asnuk, Yeniden Refah Party Adıyaman province Chairman Ismail Demir, ITTIHAD al-ULEMA head Enver Kılıçarslan, district Mufti Rıfat Çevik, heads of NGOs and thousands of lovers. (ILKHA)

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