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What Mehmet Yavuz said before passing away?

HUDA PAR Vice President Mehmet Yavuz, who was treated with a kidney cancer diagnosis a while ago, passed away in the Oncology Hospital of Dicle University, where he was treated, causing the sadness of his loved one.

Yavuz, who was not allowed by doctors to be visited because of chemotherapy treatment, recorded a voice message when his loved ones wondered about his condition and asked him constantly.

"We must be patient"

Yavuz stated in his message that he felt closer to the hereafter. "Allah gives and also takes. We must be thankful when Allah gives and be patient when Allah takes back."

"Allah is our Lord. Allah has hidden mercy for us in what He has given a test, let us be patient," Yavuz recorded.

"Mehmet Yavuz used to go to two or three places every day, has now been home alone for two or three months"

Yavuz emphasized that what he experienced was a test. "I'm receiving chemotherapy. I never leave the house. Doctors won't let me have visitors unless it had to. And no one comes home."

Recorded that he is home alone, Yavuz says he reads Al-Qur'an and weight to worship. Can you see that! Mehmet Yavuz, who used to go to two or three places every day, has now been home alone for two or three months. This is what a test."

"Continue to worship, continue pure and clean love, and continue to do good in unrequited"

Yavuz, in his voice message, shared some phrases from Al-Qur'an: "Allah is with the patient. Allah loves the patient. Herald the patient (with Heaven)."

"May Allah increase our patience. Do not make us like those who show impatience. Let us continue our worship, continue pure and clean love [ikhlas], continue to do good in an unrequited way, and continue to be patient against people's ungratefulness," Yavuz stated in his voice message.

Yavuz: Goodbye!

Pointing out that what they did was for Allah, Yavuz said: "We are doing it for Allah. He knows it. It happens even if no one knows."

Saying good-bye in Turkish, Kurdish and Zaza, Yavuz finished his speech with a salute. (ILKHA)

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