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"Let's not forget the elderly, sick and disabled at the Eid"

Göktepe stated that the "apartment culture" that has become widespread today undermines family and relative relations and stressed that the ties between family and relatives should be strengthened.

Recalling that they have two religious eids as Muslims, Göktepe described old eids as follow:

"We used to live in houses with gardens [house with courtyard and garden] because there were no apartments in Urfa. Father would reserve a room for each of his children and lived in the same house. In this way, relations between family members would be very solid.

"Now everyone lives in apartments. Therefore, there is a disconnect between the family members," he said.

Göktepe reminded that eids are days of solidarity and togetherness. "On the first day of Eid, in the morning, the father would get up and go to the mosque to perform Eid prayers with his children."

After performing Eid prayers, family members would go to cemeteries, visit their past ones. Then families would come back to home and participate a breakfast altogether.

Professional staff and masters would invite their apprentices to breakfast or lunch at their homes. Some people would stand in front of their door and invite whoever to pass to breakfast or launch."

Göktepe stated that Eid should be observed in the most beautiful way. "Let's visit the sick, the elderly, the nursing home, the disabled people in Eid. Let's make them feel good. Kiss their hands and breathe the atmosphere with their tears and feelings.

"Is it good if we don't do that if we cut ties with each other?  Who knows we won't be in their position tomorrow?" Göktepe asked.

"Let's appreciate each other for that. Let's celebrate our Eid like an Eid. Let's respect when visiting our elders. It does not necessarily have to be a relative. We can visit our neighbors too," he added. (ILKHA)

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