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Hamas member Salim Ahmed Ma'rouf killed in Yemen

The family of the Palestinian man Salim Ahmed Ma'rouf, who was found dead last Tuesday in Ma'rib in northern Yemen, has called on the Yemeni government to launch a serious investigation into his death and bring those responsible to account.

In a statement on Saturday night, the family said that Salim had been living in Yemen for more than 14 years and had no enmity with any person or party.

The family said it had lost contact with him for two days before he was found dead at a hospital in Ma'rib city, northeast of the Yemeni capital Sana'a.

The family appealed to the Palestinian and Yemeni official authorities to facilitate the transfer of Salim's body to Palestine as well as the travel of his wife and kids to Gaza as soon as possible.

The Hamas Movement, for its part, mourned the death of Salim Abu Ma’rouf, 36, and urged the Yemeni security authorities to investigate his death.

Salim, one of Hamas’s officials in Yemen, had reportedly died at a security checkpoint in Ma'rib province on Tuesday night. (ILKHA)

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