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Leading figures systematically martyred in Egypt's junta dungeons

After the martyrdom of Egypt's legitimate President Mohammed Morsi in the junta courtroom, attention focused on other prisoners who were on the verge of death in the dungeons.

Most of the leading figures since the coup are slowly being left to die in junta dungeons. The murder case of the coupist Sisi, who systematically left prisoners to die, has been pretty swelling over the past few years.

All Muslim prisoners, especially members of Ikhwan al-Muslimeen, who locked behind of bars in junta dungeons, are subjected to torture, deprived of food and health facilities, and even not allowed to meet with their families.

Some of the Muslims who are systematically martyred in dungeons are as follows:

Mahdi Akef, the former general leader of the Muslim Brotherhood was martyred on September 22, 2017. The cause of martyrdom has been recorded as vascular occlusion and cancer.

On May 13, 2015, Ferit Ismail, one of Egypt's leading figures, died as a result of a stroke.

Tariq El Ğendir, one of the leaders of the freedom and Justice party, suffered 6 hours of blood loss before being taken to treatment on November 12, 2014, and lost his life.

Engineer Muhammad el Assar, one of the pioneers of the Muslim Brotherhood community, died on March 26, 2019, due to serious health problems.

Izzet Essalamuni, one of the Jamaa al-Islami leading figure in Egypt, died on 1 August 2015 as a result of a 15-day weakness.

On August 26, 2017, Abdul Azim Ashsherkawi, a member of the Guidance Office of the Muslim Brotherhood, died of a heart attack as a result of the slowdown in blood flow to the veins.

Former Egyptian National Assembly Member Mohammad El Falhaci died on May 25, 2015, as a result of medical negligence and deprivation of treatment, like many other prisoners.

Abu Bakr al-Qadi, one of the pioneers of the Muslim Brotherhood community died of gastric cancer in May 2014. Safvet Khalil, one of the pioneers of the Muslim Brotherhood died on 28 September 2013 as a result of cancer.

Isam Derbale, the former President of the Council of Shura, of Jamaat Islam, also died on 9 August 2015 as a result of systematical deprivation from medicine and food. (ILKHA)

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