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HDP ignores children abused by PKK

"Place of children are not fields or factories, their place is parks and schools!" HDP said in a published message, which was interpreted as "hypocrisy" while HDP ignored children kidnapped by the PKK, handed a gun and forcibly sent to death during the ditch [pit] events.

"The AKP sees children who need to play in parks, places like schools and libraries as cheap labor and allows them to be enslaved. We respectfully commemorate our children who were forced to work at the beginning of their lives and who lost their lives in work murders," HDP said while invited public to take action against child labor, and ignored children kidnapped, recruited and forced to death by PKK for 40 years.

It is known that the PKK, which has systematically used children in clashes since its foundation, has taken thousands of children to the mountains in Turkey. Children aged 15-18 already consist of a large part of the PKK staff, so this number is mainly composed of children under the age of 15.

PKK separates children from their families

PKK's initiatives for children were brought to the agenda by the families following the abduction of a group of children who were taken to lice countryside on 23 April 2013 for a picnic.

When children between the ages of 14 and 16 did not return home from the picnic, the sit-in action of the Böçkün family had taken place on the country's agenda in a short time.

Despite the rising reactions, the PKK continued to use children in clashes by separating them from their families and forcibly arm them. Families who have continued their sit-in actions in Diyarbakır were tried to be dispersed from time to time by the Metropolitan Municipality of Diyarbakır that was under the management of the HDP. However, despite the pressures of the PKK and the HDP, families continued their actions.

Dozens of children lost their lives in pit events

Only one month after the June 7, 2015 elections, the region returned to the bloodbath with pit events. The PKK carried the clashes to the city centers.

Due to excavated pits and barricades, curfews were declared by the government in some provincial centers and 19 different districts. Under the direction and coordination of the PKK's mountain cadre, children under the age of 18 engaged in activities such as digging trenches, barricades, bomb trapping and even attacking with heavy weapons.

The PKK, which mainly uses children in the clashes in question, dropped fire on the hearth of thousands of families. Following the clashes, dozens of children were seen on the list published by the PKK that they were killed in pit events.

HDP continues dirty perception operations

Although the HDP argues that they are concerned about the lives and development of children, the truth is that it is not what it seems.

The HDP, which carries children, humanity's most innocent existence, to the agenda, cannot express how the PKK uses children in its actions in a carefree and indifferent manner.

Even when the facts are so objective and clear, HDP continues dirty perception operations.

Instead of talking about the PKK's abuse of children, HDP literally wipes out the facts with the message published under the title of "Place of children are not fields or factories, their place are parks and schools!"

The HDP does not see the PKK as responsible for the destruction and deaths caused by the pit events that did not give Kurdish children the right to live.

The PKK, which makes the education, health and life conditions of Kurdish children so unfit and does not care about the deaths of children, is cleared with the help of the HDP.

The self-identity of the Muslim Kurdish child is dynamite

Another social damage caused by the PKK took the Kurdish girls to the mountains. The PKK, which hit the Kurds' sense of honor, made a great effort to destroy faith and cultural values.

After the first hit of women-men lives together in mountains, the centers and activities of the municipality opened with opportunities dynamite the essence of the Muslim Kurdish child.

As a result of the intense expression of the PKK, there was a moral and cultural erosion in Kurdistan.

Pro-HDP NGOs adopt silence

The Human Rights Association and the Diyarbakır Bar Association do not develop a reaction for the children who are taken to the mountain by the PKK and who are holding a gun in their hands but adopt silence.

The fact that no critical statement has been made to date about the pictures of the prominent figures of organization in Kandil taken with little girls and pictures of the abused of girls in Kandil, is not regarded as an innocent attitude.

The sincerity of NGOs, who do not hear the cries of mothers raising for their kidnapped children, and who do not see the cruelty of children and civilians who were torn apart by the PKK brutality during the pit policy process and who do not react strongly in this sense, are questioned. (ILKHA)

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