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HDP continues subversion activities through municipalities

The LGBT perversion event, which was canceled every time in Mardin, a southeastern province of Turkey, because of the people's insistence, is being organized by the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects [TMMOB] with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality of HDP this time.

Subversion projects supported by "Soros" are being carried out through some gay associations in Turkey with the hand of perverted lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual [LGBT].

The LGBT perverts who want to implement subversion projects try to organize activities under the name of different associations especially in Mardin for the last few years.

However, these events were canceled by the authorities every time in Mardin, which was confronted by people with persistently.

On November 18, 2017, the "homosexuality" event that was last organized under the name of "gender-oriented journalism project", and was supported by the Chaos GL perversions, which carried out by Bianet, was canceled on intense reactions.

This time, the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects [TMMOB] is preparing to perform LGBT event in various cities of Turkey, including Mardin, with the support of Provincial Coordination Boards and HDP's municipalities.

According to TMMOB's calendar of events, programs will be held on 15 June in Mardin, on 16 June in Diyarbakır, and on 29-30 June in Van under the name of "Local Women Council".

The subversion program in Mardin announced to be held in Metropolitan Municipality Youth Center of HDP.

As will be remembered, HDP's women candidates for the parliament have defended LGBT people at every opportunity, signed the LGBT rights convention and showed the gay Barış Sulu as a candidate from Eskişehir province for the parliamentary elections.

People of Mardin, who vehemently opposed the homosexuality activities that God cursed in the Qur'an and caused the destruction of the people of Lut prophet, did not want the city's name to be remembered with immorality and asked the authorities to cancel the program. (ILKHA)

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