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Eastern Anatolia adorned with yellow roses

Roses have been important not only for ornamental or aesthetic purposes but also for religious, social, economic, health and cultural purposes from past to present.

The origin of the Rose, which is a northern hemisphere plant, is East Asia. It has been reported to spread from here to Anatolia, Europe, North Africa, and East Asia.

Approximately 25 species of roses, estimated to be between 150 and 200 species on earth, are naturally grown in Turkey.

Eastern Anatolia high lands are also decorated with yellow roses with increased air temperatures.

The yellow roses that grew and opened on the plain attract visitors in terms of their natural beauty in Sarıçiçek [Tarbasan] village, near Bingöl, an eastern province of Turkey.

The people who come to see the landscape, take pictures in the region and enjoy stunning nature. (ILKHA)

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