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Scandalous event in Germany: they tear down the Qur'an and throw it to the toilet

A new one recently has been added to the anti-Islamism attack in Germany.

The enemies of Islamic who tearing down nearly 50 Holy Qur'an and threw it into the toilet at the Rahman mosque in Bremen City, attacked the Central Mosque in Kassel with stones.

The attack in Bremen took place on Sunday between the time of afternoon and evening prayers. The community came to the Rahman Mosque observed that about 50 Qur'an were destroyed and thrown to the toilet.

The mosque community, which was shocked by the events, informed the police.

Another attack was carried out at the Central Mosque of the Turkish Islamic Union [DITIB] in the city of Kassel, Hessen province.

The enemies of Islam attacked the mosque with stones and broke the windows of the mosque.

It was stated that an investigation was started on both attacks and work was started to arrest the perpetrators.

The increase in attacks on mosques in recent years is catching attention in Germany. Failure to apprehend the people who attack the mosques causes the reaction of the mosque authorities and non-governmental organizations.

As will be remembered, German Interior, Public Works, and Dormitory Minister Horst Seehofer said "Islam does not belong to Germany," in an explanation and provoked anti-Islam.

The anti-Islamic rhetoric of the German politicians and the media is also said to have had an impact on these attacks. (ILKHA)

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