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Martyr Aytaç commemorated upon his grave

The New Ihya Association president and HUDA PAR member Aytaç Baran, who was killed by the PKK's armed attack on June 9, 2015, was commemorated with mercy and gratitude by his family and loved ones on the anniversary of his martyrdom.

The commemoration program organized by The Martyrs Caravan Platform in Yeniköy cemetery, in Diyarbakır, a southeastern province of Turkey, began with the recitation of Surah al-Yasin from the Holy Qur'an and continued with the speech of Şeyhmus Tanrıkulu, member of HUDA PAR's general administrative board.

Tanrıkulu began his speech by remembering Yasin Börü and his friends, who were brutally massacred on October 6-7, 2014 attacks, Aytaç Baran, and the martyrs killed by the PKK in 90 years.

Stating that some of the Islamic geographies is under occupation today, and the non-occupied Islamic countries are also facing occupation, Tanrıkulu noted that the imperialism today wants to eliminate Islam and the slogans of Islam in the world through the wars in the media, economy and cultural fields.

"In doing so, it wants to do it using the material power it has and superiority in the arms industry. Muslims, who are oppressed of the world, are not economically inferior to them, nor as financial resources nor as weapons superiority."

Those who wish to enslave people whom Allah has created free must remember this: When Khaled Bin Waleed met the enemies of Islam, he said, 'I have come to you with an army that loves death as much as you love your life and wine'. It is our responsibility to act with the same responsibility. Let us not forget that Allah is the owner of this case and that victory is at the level of Allah."

"We are obliged to serve Islam by using all our power and might"

"Our goal is to serve Islam. By mobilizing all our resources, we are obliged to serve Islam by using all our power and might," said Tanrıkulu while noted that they have to stop those who try to drill the ship they all are in.

"There are imperialist, collaborating traitors in our region and in our country trying to pierce this ship. They act in accordance with the orders of imperialist countries, not in the interests of their peoples, their countries."

Tanrıkulu stressed that they will continue their struggle in every field of life, art, economy, social and political fields, in short, wherever they exist. "They will not be able to achieve their evil intentions while we are alive. As long as we live, our struggle with these tyrants will continue. We will be patient here for all the troubles we face. The end of patience is salvation; the end of patience is a victory."

Tanrikulu emphasized that the Martyr Aytaç Baran, in which they have gathered to commemorate himself with mercy and gratitude with the martyrs during the Islamic cause, also showed all kinds of sacrifice in his way of serving Islam.

"One of the fundamental principles of the case he has brought to the society is the Qur'an and Sunnah. There is no legitimacy of any structure, party, community or state that do not rely on the Qur'an and Sunnah," he added.

"We must act with the awareness of our responsibility towards the society in which we live"

Tanrıkulu continued his words as follows: "We must act with the awareness of our responsibility towards our society and our country. We need to strive for the material and spiritual faith of our society. We have to protect and care of our mosques, one of the signs of Islam."

"At a time when imperialist countries occupy and continue to occupy Islamic countries, we as the Islamic Ummah need to eliminate all the conflicts that prevent us from coming together. We must be brothers against all kinds of sectarianism, racism, nationalism."

In the program where the takbirs were frequently shouted, the ones who murdered Aytaç Baran and the structures behind the event were cursed.

The commemoration program was attended by the family of Shaheed Aytaç Baran, HUDA PAR Vice President Vedat Turgut, party provincial president Osman Aktaş, families of Yasin Börü, Hasan Gökgöz, Hüseyin Dakak, Riyadh Güneş, representatives of non-governmental organizations and many loved ones of martyrs. (ILKHA)

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