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Presidential election in Kazakhstan after 28 years

In Kazakhstan, people went to the polls to elect the new president after Nazarbayev resigned in March, who served as president for 28 years.

7 candidates, including Tokayev, who was temporarily assigned to the presidency, have competed in the election.

The Central Election Commission announced that 77 percent of the total voter turnout observed in the election, while the voting process ended by 20: 00, which started at 07: 00.

Issuing a statement on the election, Turkish Foreign Ministry said they welcome that the Presidential elections in Kazakhstan on 9 June were held with high voter turnout.

"Turkey attaches great importance to the stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan with whom we have deep-rooted ties," the ministry said.

The ministry wished that the outcome of the Presidential elections will be auspicious for the friendly and brotherly Kazakhstan.

"We will continue our efforts to further enhance our relations in all fields with our strategic partner Kazakhstan in a manner to contribute to regional security, stability, and prosperity." (ILKHA)

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