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PKK's "Derince Massacre"

On 21 October 1993, the pain of the massacre carried out by the PKK is still fresh in the Derince hamlet of Günbuldu village of the Baykan district of Siirt.

Located on the slopes of the Kalems Mountain, in the hamlet of Derince, which residents provides livelihood from agriculture, the PKK killed 22 people of the same family.

Saying that the PKK group massacred 22 innocent people of "Erdem family", including 3-month-old babies and pregnant women, Zaman Erdem, one of the relatives of slain people, added his 3 children, his wife, his mother, elder brother and nephews were among of those killed in the massacre.

"At that time, the people were between two fires"

Erdem stated that the people were between the two fires at that time, "I was a village guard at the time. People who were not village guards were being persecuted by the state by tagging "he is a member of PKK". But when PKK forcedly became a village guard then the PKK would tag them as "traitor".

"3 months old babies in the arms of their mothers were killed"

Erdem stated that he did not know about the events in the village and continued his words as follows:

"We didn't know they were picking up our children in front of the school. I went to the front of the school. The view I saw was horrifying. The bodies of women and children were stacked on top of each other. The screams and the figures were rising. The front of the school was like a slaughterhouse. Even the three-month-old babies in her mother's arms were shot. The screams of the wounded could be heard under the bodies. I just fainted after I saw that view. In that massacre, the daughter of my uncle who came from Istanbul to be a guest and her two children were murdered. The conflict lasted three and a half hours of that day. But the troops didn't arrive in time."

"Late troops turned batteries into different directions"

Erdem said that he felt that the deep state was involved when they turned the batteries of military troops to the opposite direction, "After the massacre, we buried our bodies under the supervision of the prosecutor's office with a crowd of people and relatives from neighboring villages. Then we were paid a small compensation by the state. Since then, the state has not even looked at us. This massacre was covered. We've been experiencing this victimization for 25 years. We want the perpetrators of the atrocities committed so far in this region will be brought before Justice."

"Don't kill me, I don't have a mother, I'm an orphan."

Rukiye Erdem, who lost her relatives in the massacre, explained the horrors of the day as follows: "At about 9 o'clock in the evening we were sitting at home, and the gunfire echoed. I went out, I looked, the cries of gunshots in the village rose, I went to the garden of the school where the sound came from. I was shocked by the view I saw there. Within the bodies, a pregnant woman lying on the ground asked for help from me. I started to help wounded people. I was both helping them shouting for help. The PKK group was crowded. They couldn't get into the village because village guards responded with fire. They had only gathered women and children from a few houses in the upper part of the village, brought them to the school and killed them there. I child begged PKK elements not to kill him said, 'I am an orphan, I have no mother, do not kill me!' they even slaughtered him." (Şükrü Tontaş - ILKHA)

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