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Palestinian activist martyred by zionist gangs

In the city of Al-Khalil in the occupied West Bank, a Palestinian young man was martyred by the zionist gangs on the pretext that he was engaged in a stabbing action.

According to the zionists' media organs, a Palestinian young man attempted stabbing against invader gangs and injured one. Upon this, the occupying gangs martyred the young Palestinian.

Palestinian Health Ministry announced that Muammar al-Atrash, 42, a father of seven, was fatally shot by the zionist gangs near the Ibrahimi Mosque.

According to eyewitnesses, the zionist gangs left al-Atrash bleeding on the ground for a long time without allowing anyone to approach him.

A relative of the martyred Palestinian reportedly told that the zionist gangs detained al-Atrash's body and refused to hand it over to his family. (ILKHA)

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