'We want job and services not festivals'

'We want job and services not festivals'

There was great reaction to concerts and festivals organized by the municipality of Batman. Residents from Batman responded to the concert events organized by the municipality saying “We want job and service, not festivals and concerts,” and wanted the municipal revenues to prevent unemployment and make investments.

People of Batman stated that theft and drugs are spreading day by day and moral collapse are happening. They also emphasized that the activities like concert and festivals make girls and boys mixed together which will accelerate moral corruption. Citizens stated that young people need education and work, said that spreading of spiritual and moral values will strengthen peace and tranquility.

Speaking to the authorities, the Batman people demanded that priority should be given to investment and service instead of festival and concert.

“We are in favor of not having concerts that do not fit the customs of the society”

Osman Onuk, who said that the concerts organized by municipality are far from the custom and culture of the society, said, “We want the money to be spent on these events given to the poor people. We are on favor of not having concerts that do not fit with the custom of the society. While waiting for the service, we would like to point out that the expenditures made for the concerts are unnecessary. We cannot make any sense that the unemployment is on the edge and that big money is spent on the concerts.”

“Job opportunities can be opened for young people at the cost of concerts”

Abdurrahim Sevda stated that the municipal could make job opportunity for unemployment with the money spend on the concerts said, “The municipality think they organize concert for people but people are unemployed. They need job. The cost to be given to the concerts is better and logical if to make job opportunities for young people. The cost spend on the concert could make job opportunity for about a thousand young. Our youth would be away from bad habits if they get a job.”

“What's happening with these concerts when we have such an economic trouble?”

Yusuf Turan, who described the concerts as throwing dust in public's eyes, said: “What happens to these concerts when we have such economic troubles? I am strongly against these concerts. There could be better services to people. Money spent on the concerts could be used more positively for the benefit of the society. We would like to have the service. ‘Alo Tevşo’ bazaar could be repaired with the money paid to the concert.” (M. Fatih Akgül - ILKHA)

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