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"Omar is symbol of social justice"

Educator-Writer Abdulkadir Turan emphasized that Omar is the symbol of social justice in his speech he made in the conference named "understanding of justice in the 21st century and Omar” which organized by Idealist Youth Society in Gaziantep University (GAÜN).

The program began with Quranic recitation read by Muhammad Sabri Altun. Continued with the greeting of GAUN Idealist Youth Society President İbrahim Kızılçınar, then a cinevision demonstration was made on the part of Omar's life.

Educator-Writer Abdulkadir Turan, who attended the conference as a speaker, noted that the main problem of the 21st century is "justice".

Turan, "Omar found it as a catastrophe when the weak people are hopelessness from justice, and the strong ones see justice for backing mechanism. Is this not that the main problem of the 21st century? This is also the problem of Muslims. Weakness which are hopeless from justice and forces that see justice as a backing mechanism. We know that whatever our problem go to the UN, it certainly ends up against us. Those councils of the UN favor for the strong. Will put weakness into desperation and then will decide as ‘we condemn’. Omar sees this as a social catastrophe. Unfortunately, we live today, as he described the social catastrophe."

"Omar is the symbol of social justice"

Turan emphasized that those leftists and racists have major problems with Omar. Pointed out that Omar is the symbol of social justice and said:

"We became Ummah for Omar as practically. We came together as different societies. We became brothers under the Islamic roof. Leftists also have big problems with Omar. Omar is the symbol of social justice. He detected poor people individually, even travelled on deserts with incognito clothes found poor people and put them on the payroll of the state. Everyone's salary has been determined with the application called ‘Atiye’ and he has paid salaries himself up. When they asked him 'What are you doing' he answered 'you are not the one who will account to Allah, I will'. Now, is it possible to talk about the "socialism legend" where there is such a social justice? Of course not possible. Therefore, Omar is directly related to the 21st century. He is related to both the problem of racism and the social justice system."

"We have to know and introduce Omar"

Turan remarked that Muslims did not conduct serious search about Omar, said that those orientalists do not introduce and not want to know Omar purposely, also remarked that Muslims are have to know and introduce Omar.

Turan stated that at least Omar institute should be established and added, "Unfortunately, although we did mention many times till recently, we did not do serious research on Omar. For example, we have not established an Omar Institute. The orientalists came, investigated and recognized him. Then they tried to introduce us their Omar. Make sure this Omar did not work for them. You want to bring the world to an understanding you believe. Are you hurried? Will you endure patience? Omar chooses patience here. He is never see everything as right in order to reach the goal. On the contrary, we are faced with a great personality who sees the goal as consent of divine. The orientalists did not introduce Omar and they did not want to introduce him purposely. But we have to recognize and introduce him." (ILKHA)

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