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"We can not tolerate comfortableness of PKK in EU countries"

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the 62nd Annual General Meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA). At the meeting which was held at Istanbul Hilton Bomonti Hotel, Turkey hosted parliamentarians from NATO member states, representatives from the European Parliament, and observers from countries outside the union. President Erdogan addressed the participants during the closing session of the meeting.

President Erdogan stated that PKK acting comfortably in the EU countries, and said, "Therefore, all our friends should take the necessary precautions regarding this issue. If necessary measures are not taken, one day it will go around like boomerang, and it will be going to take them"

"We cannot tolerate comfortableness of PKK in EU countries

President Erdogan, said: "The threat arising from terrorist organizations is directed towards all of us. Therefore, it is necessary to fight partnership in common. The support you provide to Turkey will add strength to your fight against the terrorist organization intentionally to our common security. We are counting on your support for fighting against the structures that are affiliated with the FETO. Likewise, we expect your support for the fight against all terrorist organizations acting together on hostility to the common values of humanity, especially ISIL and PKK. We want you to prevent members of terrorist organizations to move freely in your countries, to make propaganda, to train militant, to collecting racketeer with threats. In particular, we can not tolerate the PKK, which the European Union declared as terrorist organization, to travel very comfortably in the countries of the European Union and the terrorist head posters, as well as posters in the corridors of the Parliament building. Therefore, all our friends need to take care of this issue. If the necessary precautions are not taken, someday like a boomerang, this will turn around and shoot them, and I am letting you know. You know what happened in France, you know what happened in Belgium, and all of this is a recycling of the same insensitivity acts." (ILKHA)

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